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"Converge" "Big Andy Rides Again"  "Pieces Of Space" "Butterfly In The Wind" "Tropical Rain Storm" "Coming To Life" "Womb" "Napa River Frog" "Life Is An Open End Journey" "Widow Maker" "ETA 266 Days" "Sounds Of The Wind" "Dancer" "Future Bike" "Alien" "Confluence” "Ice Crystal" "Having To Set Him Free To Live His Life" "Metamorphosis" "Screen Saver" "Iris Fence" "Spaceage Dinosaur" "M/S" "My Father" "Heath Orsini Fence" "The Past Meets The Future" "Glasstails" A “Half Of Me” "Circle Of Life" "Swann Family Tree" "Burning Bush" "Playtime" (overall) A "Wisteria" "Raff Mailbox" "3019" "Eau Rouge" "Parabolica" "Grand Hotel" "Instruments" "The Beginning of Human Nature" "The Swing" "Evolved"