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"Taking A Break To Go Racing" "Does it Really Matter" "Looking Up And Into The Mirror For Guidance" "Gene Smith On His Harley" "The Optimist" "Albert" "Dizygotic/Monozygotic Dialogue" "Salvador" "Blinded By Life" "Biker Billy" "Going Down Hill" "The Evolution of Intelligent Design" "Tired Italian Man" "Having the Strength to see the Light at the End o "Racing for the Yard of Bricks" "Fingerprints" "Living Water" "Life Form One" "His Words" "Life Form Two" "Rising To The Next World" "Prophecy" "Vessel For Divine Creation" "Transition" "Our Little Angel" "Praying To Live" "Helping Him Up" "Time Will Tell" “Blue Crucifix” "Guardian Angel" "Leading The Way" “Crucifix” "Together We Are One" "When Your Time Is Up" "Rising From The Earth" "Hour One" "The Keeper" "Finding The Key To Life" "Primal From The Egg" "Intelligent Design" "The Beginning Of Life" "The Bond of Two Brothers, Part A & B" "My Three Sons" "Time Traveler" "Modular City" "Hells Angel" "Forgive" "Saint Xavier Crucifix"