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"Maria" "The Love Of My Life" "Flower By The Lake Side" "A Piece Of Spring Time From The City" "It's A Father Thing" "The Swann Family Tree" "Bringing The Family Together" "Watching Over Him" "Preserving The Past To Present To The Future" "Transformation" "For All Of Us" "Connecting Cord" "Freedom To Believe" "Eternalize" "The life And Healing That Mother Nature Provides Us" "Keeping The Fire Burning" "Objects From The Sky" "The Hands That Touch Us" "Day 27" "Putting Her Heart In The Hands Of God" "The Life Within The Holy Spirit" "Continuously Sustaining The World" "Metamorphosis" "Half Of Me" and "Circle Of Life" "Biological Clock" "Super Model" "Feel The Power" "Evolution of Man & Machine" "Having To Set Him Free To Live His Life" “Up, Up And Away” "Natures Healing Power-Rings" "Natures Healing Power-Bark" "Maze" "The Tree" "Dream, Believe and Soar"