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Dizygotic / Monozygotic Dialogue
Human identity is presented in many differing dimensional forms and complex mentalities. Sometimes these individualities are more visual, like skin tone, race, class, age, nationality, sex and size. Often they are internal traits of each personality; how you think, believe or behave. Each person has a unique make-up that creates their own spirit and soul from within their core.

The "Connecting Lives" series portrays two individual forms or ideas. The forms or ideas could be polar opposites or share similar traits. One entity could represent the past while the other the present or future. It is about two individuals intersecting.

Also within each sculpture there is a common element. The common element will reveal the continuity of the two individual subjects. The juxtaposition of the element to the two individual forms or ideas can suggest a link between them or emphasize the contrast between them. The common element can convey emotion, unity, tension, ambiguity, life, theories, bonding and complexity, all within the connection.

Often found in this series of work is the image of a human hand, the hand symbolizes and portrays the power that man has to create or destruct, the hand also represents the uniqueness in us all. I feel the mind alone cannot create in form without the ability of the human hand.

Connecting Cord

When creating each piece I ask myself; how will they co-exist, how will they communicate, will they work with or against one another, can one capture qualities of the other, can they complement each other and what do they become once connected.

We are all connected in one-way or another, so quickly and gently cross the threshold, so you can find the connection and explore the hidden internal imagery and thought within.

As the series continues to evolve the challenge becomes stronger, but the reward undermines the challenge; thus the drive to create and connect is necessitating.