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As with many things in life a habit can start by one simple action or repeated tendency. An evening ritual of one glass of wine during dinner and before long, that innocent habit can turn into a bad habit for some and then into an addictive practice for others.

It can consume you, overpower you and dictate your life, your family and everything that you possess in life. An addiction will obsess the addict and the addict consequently and unknowing affect all those around him.

The bottles represent the thousands of people across the United States that are alcoholics. The bottle has consumed them and it is their temporary home. Placing the bottles meticulously and strategically, to send out an SOS signal for help to the wonderful, helpful and kind people that make up our great nation, to help them with managing or overcoming the desires and loss that an addiction can have.

There is more value to a homeless sign than it appears to have. They will often include the words’ “God Bless”, showing that they put their trust in God and it is also a way to bring conviction to the hearts of others, to help them.

The sign is like waving a white flag, but it does not need to have a negative connotation. It is a sign to stop the pain and struggle and to open the flow of dialogue and though they are vulnerable, they reach out to the other side for help. “Consume” is that waving flag of hope for them!

When possible and in the way that you see appropriate, offer them a hand and help them rise up.

You will be guided, if only you let go and trust.