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Hope Dies Last
It is safe to say that we have all hoped for something within our lifetime. If you are a child, you may hope for a special toy or if you are sick, you may hope for one more day of life. Most people hope for a safe place to call home and a neighborhood that is flourishing or has the potential to flourish.

Flourishing does not take place in an isolated individual – it blossoms only within a relationship network nourished by a supportive environment.

Hope, if neglected, can leave you with very little. At that time, people can make bad decisions in life and do evil things.

As a last resort, unfortunately, it is sometimes necessary to send a warning shot to the evildoers, that you will stand up for yourself, your family and for those that can’t stand for themselves, that you will not tolerate violence in your community and that you will not let others dictate your quality of life. Within that warning shot, there can be a message of hope for them that it is never to late to make the right choice in life.

History shows that Morse code and the telegraph spurred the spread of information and began the telecommunications revolution for which we know today. Like Samuel Morse did over 150 years ago, send out your inspiring message of hope and watch it flourish others and in return, you will flourish too.

Grow your individual will to become something and then help and guide others to do so. Learn from the past, live for today and hope for a better future.

It is said that a man begins to die when he ceases to expect anything from tomorrow, so live every day to the fullest, from now until your last.

With hope, the best is yet to come!