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Circle of Life
I feel that I have been blessed with a gift from God, a gift to create powerful, moving imagery, perfect to behold. I once thought, I was self-taught, but I now realize I am guided by Him.

The meaning of each sculpture comes to me first, and then the form becomes apparent. My latest series of work, "Life and Beyond" is about the life that is given to us by God, from conception, to after life, and how life and belief effects each of us.

Often creating monumental forms with unidentified faces and bodies, quietly leaving symbols; symbols of, not only life, spirit and soul, but also symbols of freedom, influence, guidance, change and eternity. Familiar forms of calm existence and meditative clarity; where nothing is in excess and nothing is lacking. You are invited to softly enter and reflect on the creation and respond with contemplation.

With these same intuitive thoughts, I will set out on the technical and imaginative journey for my next series of work, "Connecting Lives".

Preserving the Past to present to the Future