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Natures Healing Power………  
There is a correlation between the way that man and nature can connect, for nature to help heal and comfort us, to create a calm existence and provide meditative clarity.

Similar to the bark of a tree, our body has the healing power that can protect us against illness. The white blood cell of the immune system is our bark and is involved in defending the body against infectious disease.

The rings of a tree represent the life that the tree has lived, the growth and progression that it experienced; its rings are comparable to counting the years that we are blessed to be on earth. The rings can also record a period of setback, but also illustrate that the tree and we, can overcome adversity, heal and continue to live a long, flourishing and healthy life.

As with the shape of every tree, our fingerprints represent individuality and the uniqueness in all of us, but also show that we have a common element that we all share, showing unity and that you are not alone.

  Natures Healing Power………
Natures Healing Power………  
The fingerprints are also a symbol of the hands that created us, as well as the doctors that care for us and for the people that love us.

It is a miracle that our creator has provided people and nature with these characteristics and capabilities. For a moment, please free your mind and be touched and also leave your print on someone’s life.