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Imagine for a moment that you live in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the United States, where one out of every eleven people are murdered, assaulted, raped or robbed. How would it affect your behavior?

Oppression is a piece about chronic human behavior and how we are influenced by others around us.

Maps can connect us all and also guide us to where we want to go in life. Sometimes it is a path to failure and other times it is a path to prosperity. We usually choose were to turn in life, but sometimes another person will choose or influence that turn for us.

The bold colors of the maps represent the possible beauty of life, while the haziness and break down of the numbers and the blood represent the dissolution of the area and the darker side of life. The ambiguous red line of each neighborhood is a sign to not enter or it could be a border to keep you in.

When living in this environment you can lose your identity and then you become, just a number, a statistic.

Sometimes we can lose hope, but if you have faith that something good will happen, it is possible.