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The most inspirational person in the history of mankind inspired me to create Perseverance.

Perseverance is about the behavior we exhibit while trying to achieve success with anything in life, despite difficulty. It is a piece about life, inspiration, about what you can overcome and about what you can become and achieve.

From a distance it projects an image like an old black and white photograph, which refers to the past, while linking together the future with the use of the computer keys, showing we as humans, have continued to persevere throughout the creation of human life.

As it draws you closer, you may notice that it offers much more, as each key was meticulously placed, to create a body of text about persevering and life. Consciously and intentionally leaving each key, as is, as they were discovered, so that it represents its user and the diversity of people that they represent, when combined together.

I strived to create a piece that exemplifies willpower, conviction, strength and character and hopefully it will motivate others to be the best that they can be, if they believe.