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The Stories They Could Tell The Stories They Could Tell
We are all born innocent gifts of life, but some veer far from that, as they age. The values and beliefs that mold our behavior can evolve to reflect the values of our friends, family and community.

Everyone makes mistakes throughout their lifetime, but some mistakes have greater ramifications than others and can often lead to incarceration. Ultimately, they are choices we make for ourselves and everyone should know, right from wrong.

When we are in a place of reform, we have time to reflect on our sins and mistakes that were made and learn from them and from those that help guide us through that period of life. This is a time to renew character, which can be shaped by one’s beliefs.

While standing at the threshold of egress with a non-descript face, his head is down in disgrace, feeling uncertain and vulnerable. As the lock on his life is being lifted, the door fame becomes a portal, from one period of life to another. His discarded wristband is left behind and that part of his life learned upon, but forgotten.

His exposed transparent skin reveals that he has nothing to hide and he is asking to be dismissed of his sins. As he contemplates crossing the line into his new world, he offers a hand of guidance to those thinking of wrongdoing and he is also reaching out to his new community for support, with his transformation.

Beau Daugherty inspired “The Stories They Could Tell”. He is a gentleman that I met while visiting the Louisville Metro Department of Corrections twice per day, for one month, to collect inmate wristbands and learn from the stories they could tell.